“We have a young and ambitious team. I believe that together we qualify for the Olympic Games.”

“We have a young and ambitious team. I believe that together we qualify for the Olympic Games.”

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“We have a young and ambitious team. I believe that together we qualify for the Olympic Games.”

First of all, I would like to ask: how did you come to the big sport, and why water polo?

In order to harden and strengthen my health, when I was 5 years old, my parents took me to the recreational swimming section, to the pool of the Mitrofanov Water Sports Palace. Having fallen in love with water sports, I started taking part in the swimming sports group. Evgenia Fedorovna was my first coach. After a short time, I switched to water polo, as water polo attracted me as a game sport, developed all physical qualities. By playing as a team, you become more united to achieve results. It also develops intellectual thinking, which makes this sport, in my opinion, one of the beautiful sports.

Tell us about your career as an athlete and coach

His love for water polo influenced his admission to a higher educational institution, and after graduating from the university he switched to coaching. In 1996, I entered the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (UzGosIFKS), specializing in swimming. After completing his bachelor's degree in 2000, he decided to continue his studies there, and after 2 years, in 2002, he entered the magistracy in the same direction and received a specialization in 2004. Unfortunately, we do not have a specialization in water polo, so as a beginner coach, it became interesting for me to combine theory with practice, and to study this sport deeper. I imagine the process of the game as an artist painting a picture.

What is the hardest thing for you in this sport?

Not to have a sports base that meets world standards, such as in Russia, Holland, Hungary, and Holland. The sports base should have a swimming pool that meets the FINA world standards (30x25), there are game rooms (basketball, handball, volleyball) and gyms, its own dining room, and a hostel with a hotel in order to accommodate guest teams in case of sparring. Both swimmers and "synchronized swimmers" could train in this sports base.
As an example, I can name the top team Dynamo-Uralochka. Starting with youth teams, they become prize-winners, and to this day they are multiple champions.


If you have unfulfilled dreams?

When I was a player on the national water polo team, I dreamed of the team to qualify for the World Championship and the Olympic Games to represent Uzbekistan on the world stage. Over the years of independence, there were different results for all ages. The highest at the moment - Asian Games - Thailand - 1998 the men's team won silver and the women's team in 2010 took bronze.

What goals do you set for yourself?

Since, as a coach of women's teams, I have participated in the youth and adult championships in Asia, as well as the youth and adult World Championships in aquatic sports, my main goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games, with further decent results. Our team is young and ambitious and I believe that together we qualify for the Olympic Games.

What motivated You to become a coach?

Becoming a coach was prompted by the athlete's unfulfilled dream. I decided to contribute to the popularization and development of water polo in Uzbekistan. Taking this opportunity, I would like to note the work of such coaches as Boris Olegovich Rustamov, Alexander Petrovich Sokolov, Bakhtiyor Shamsievich Juraev, Boris Ivanovich Lutsenko. I gained a lot of experience first as an athlete and then as a coach, and I still continue to study. I believe that you cannot stop in this form, you need to improve.


What do you need to do to become a successful athlete?

I think there are no gifted athletes, there are athletes who achieve high results thanks to working on themselves and give themselves 100% during each training process. The athlete should get the most out of his training, and love what he does. For example, come 15-20 before the start of training and warm-up, as well as not be lazy and stay after to work on weak points. I myself came (to water polo) late, at the age of 18, so I had to catch up a lot. Today I try to teach self-analysis through video materials. The theory is also important. Taken together, all this will give results.

A coach?

To become a successful coach, you need to constantly improve yourself, correctly draw conclusions both after victories and after losses “To win, you have to lose!” Always think about the human factor first. and there will be results.

An interesting story from the career of an athlete/coach

In 2013 we took part in the World Youth Water Polo Championship in Greece (Volos). According to the draw, our team played with such teams as Australia, Ukraine, and a team from the African continent. On the final group day, three teams (Uzbekistan, the African continent, and Ukraine) had an equal number of points, as a result, our youth team won 2nd place in the group, 3rd place for a team from Africa, and 4th place for Ukraine. You should have seen the joy of athletes from Africa. Then I realized that at the World Youth Championship, the rules were first applied, when the winner was determined first by the difference between goals scored and missed, and then by a personal meeting, as a result, Ukraine was the lowest.

3 things: favorite and least favorite in water polo?

The most spectacular, intelligent, and contact sport. There is no common understanding of the rules of the competition, even among the judicial colleague. The game should not be strong, the game should be entertaining. Tactical ideas make it even more attractive. There were cases when they became champions 30 seconds before the whistle. Sometimes you don't know how the match will turn out. Max needs to make the right decision quickly. The winning team is the one that quickly and correctly got out of this or that situation.


Who did you look up to? is there an icon?

I always tried to be equal to my cousin - Erkin Shagaev, world champion and European champion, Ph.D. in water polo, the only Olympic champion at the moment (1980 in Moscow) from Uzbekistan (at that time UzSSR), both an athlete and on the coach. You can learn a lot from Erkin Shagaev to achieve high results. I would like him to work with our teams.

What advice can you give to aspiring athletes/coaches?

Go ahead and don't look back! Be able to correctly analyze training and competition results. The long-term training of athletes should be planned in an all-round interesting and not monotonous.

in 2016 you passed the certification, tell us how it was, and how often do you pass it?

Since 2013, coaches have been certified to obtain a coaching license in two stages. The first stage takes place in the test center on computers, and the second stage takes place in the Swimming Federation of Uzbekistan. To date, I have received a license to work as a water polo coach 3 times. Certification allows you to improve and work on yourself not only practically, but also theoretically.



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