“If it weren’t the injury, I would probably have stayed in sport gymnastics”

“If it weren’t the injury, I probably would have stayed in gymnastics”

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“If it weren’t the injury, I would probably have stayed in sport gymnastics”



In my childhood I really wanted to engage in figure skating, but we lived far from the Yubileiny ice palace, and there was no one to carry me, since my parents worked from morning to evening. Everything changed the case. In the first grade, a gymnastics coach came to our lesson and I liked her. After a conversation with my parents, I was admitted to the Sports School for Gymnastics. And so my sports career began. I really fell in love with this sport. Starting with the district, then city competitions, with my labor, diligence, I got into the national team of the Uzbek SSR. She took part in the Championships of the USSR, was a repeated champion of the Uzbek SSR. Being engaged in gymnastics, sometimes she helped out the national team of the Uzbek SSR in sports acrobatics and took part in competitions. I have a sports rank of the Master of Sports of the USSR. I gave my beloved sport 15 years.

Unfortunately, big sport cannot do without injuries, and even more so - gymnastics. In this regard, I could not become a coach in my favorite sport, due to a complex spinal injury. After some time, I was invited to work as a coach in general physical training and choreography in synchronized swimming. At first, it was the Petrel society, then the trade union organization. While working there, I penetrated deeper into a new kind of sport for me.


The most interesting part of synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming I was interested in the fact that this sport is difficult coordination, and includes such types as: gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline, dancing, ballet. And of course, everything is new, always very interesting. The work has begun. Programming, and this, of course, for soloists, and for duets and groups, systematic participation in competitions. Fate treated me favorably, and I remained in the sport, now as a coach.


How it feels to be a coach

Being a coach is, first of all, loving children and instilling in them a love for the chosen sport. I personally (not as the head coach) always like how to “sculptor” - to create, create such a “little mermaid”, and then see her transformation, the one that until recently was a very young girl who came to you and knew nothing, but after a moment now is already on the podium. Seeing all this with your own eyes, being a witness is very worth it! You must also understand that each child is individual and not everyone becomes great athletes, but they can achieve a lot in life through sports. It is necessary in the process of training to be able to see and foresee in the future. All this attracts me to the coaching work.



About synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a difficult sport. The team already has enough grown-up girls with great sports experience, but even they can not always overcome the emotions and excitement before the start. Synchronized swimming is both a team sport and an individual, it all depends on what you participate in. For example, in a duet you need to work in pairs, and of course you need to be able to become one. It's not easy. It is necessary to swim together for a long enough time and start together; here one cannot give in to emotions, a bad mood, and other distracting factors, everything should be harmonious. Survive for each other, cheer, sympathize, as they say, be a mountain for each other. As for group programs, it is difficult to say something, it will take a lot of time. Eight to ten people participate in the program. Team spirit is very important here! This is a difficult part of synchronized swimming. I think every sport has its own difficulties, and synchronized swimming is not an exception. The sporting spirit and the interest of fighting for the best result are what make and motivates many to fight to the end.


Interesting story from the past

 I’ll tell an interesting story from my sports career as a coach. At the World Championships in Budapest, during the performance of our team in the combined program, the athletes accidentally knocked the “clip” from the nose (without the clip it is impossible to carry out technical elements since they are performed upside down). Only half of the program has passed. But ours, Anastasia Ruzmetova, not finding the moment to put on a spare “clamp”, completed the program without interruption, and no one noticed this. Here I consider the sporting spirit, great experience, and responsibility for the whole team during the performance.



About dream

I think that every athlete and coach wants to qualify for the Olympic Games. There has not been a single license for the Olympic Games in the history of modern Uzbek synchronized swimming. We, the national team coaches, are working on the realization of this cherished dream.

Photo from the personal archive of Fayzullaeva E.T.

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