Ekaterina Polovinkina: "Hard-working and perseverance will grind everything!"

Ekaterina Polovinkina: "Hard-working and perseverance will grind everything!"

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Ekaterina Polovinkina: "Hard-working and perseverance will grind everything!"

My childhood was spent among athletes. My grandfather and uncle were basketball coaches in Samarkand, and I, in turn, also played basketball. Sport occupied a large place in the life of our family and me in particular, but due to health reasons, I had to leave the big sport. By chance, in 2007 I came by an ad to the pool, where a lifeguard was required. This was probably what is called fate. I went through an interview, showed my swimming and first aid skills, approved my candidacy, and then hired me. So I began to work as a lifeguard and worked there for more than 10 years. During the time spent by the lifeguard, I watched a lot of the work of swimming coaches, their methods of training, and training young athletes. As a result, I was very interested in this sport, I can even say I fell in love. I became much interested, go deeper, to find out what other water sports exist. At that time, many trainers helped me, taught me the correct swimming technique, prompted, and corrected my mistakes.

   At one point, the deputy director of our sports school, seeing my interest, recommended me to go to a sports college, and move forward on the sports and career ladder, for which I am very grateful to him. After graduating from the Samarkand Pedagogical Sports College in 2016, my career as a coach began. It so happened that at the same time it was necessary to organize a section for diving in the pool where I first got a lifeguard. The pool management, knowing me well enough and trusting me and my responsible and creative approach to work, invited me to try myself in this field. Until that moment, there was no such section in Samarkand. It became interesting for me to take up a new challenge and business at the table. I began to study a lot of diving, with time I became very interested, due to the fact that this view is combined with swimming and acrobatics. But most of all in diving, I like beauty and style with all the extremeness, diversity, and creative criteria.

   In 2016, despite the fact that we do not have the necessary conditions for classes, I scored the first group, and we began to study. Over the years, as a trainer, I prepared 11 medalists at national competitions, which I am very proud of. Currently, the most difficult is the lack of material and technical base for classes, namely, ski jumps, a trampoline, and a tower. Because of this, many capable children leave jumping. But despite all this, I dream that my wards will get to international competitions. There are difficulties, but they are all solved.


Now for me, the main goal is to get a higher sports education. I believe that in order to become a successful coach, you need to love your job, give all your time to study and self-improvement.

      If we talk about idols and role models, I really like how the head coach for jumping Sevara Bakhtiyarovna (Miryakubova) works. She has a creative approach in everything and a respectful and friendly attitude towards coaches. I always try to listen to her advice. As for world-class coaches, I admire the coach of the Russian synchronized swimming team Pokrovskaya T.N., who came in synchronized swimming from gymnastics, started from scratch, and for all that, she doesn’t like to swim, but she brought up a huge number of Olympic champions.

The big event for me was the meeting with Dmitry Sautin, the Olympic champion in diving, whom I met at the next stage of the FINA World Series in diving in Kazan. In conclusion, I want to wish the beginning trainers perseverance in achieving their goals, and you will also have many great events in life!

    The photo was taken from the personal archive of E. Polovinkina

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