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Vladislav Mustafin - Laureate of the state prize "Mard Uglon"

Vladislav Mustafin - Laureate of the state prize "Mard Uglon"

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Vladislav Mustafin - Laureate of the state prize "Mard Uglon"

The President signed a decree on awarding the "Mard Uglon" state prize to gifted young men of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent for special achievements in science, education, medicine, culture, literature, art, sports, production, military service, and law enforcement.

Our athlete, a member of the national swimming team of Uzbekistan, was among the 28 selected fellow citizens.

Recall that Vladislav is a multiple winner of various tournaments. Including:

Asian Games (Incheon) 2014: 3rd place (relay).
Winter Championship of Italy - 2016: 1st place (50 breaststroke - 27.83), 1st place (100th breaststroke - 1.00.78)
9th Asian Championship among boys and girls (youth) 2017 (Tashkent): 1st place (50br - 28.01); (100 br - 1.01.93)
Swimming Championship of Latvia (Riga) 2018 - 1st place (50 breaststroke - 27.90), 1st place (100th breaststroke - 1.01.78).
World Cup stage (Hungary) 2019: 3rd place (50 breaststroke - 27.46).
10th Asian Championship among boys and girls (youth) (Bangalore, India) 2019 - 1st place (50 breaststroke - 27.51); 1st place (100 breaststroke - 1.01.23).
Flanders Championship (Antwerp) 2020 - 1st place (50 breaststroke 28.23), 1st place (100 breaststroke 1.03.3)
Participant of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro: (100thstroke - 1.01.23)


The laureates of the state prize "Mard Uglon" were awarded diplomas, badges, as well as a monetary reward of 50 minimum wages.

Some data are taken from: https://uznews.uz/ru/article/23952
Photo from the personal archive of Mustafin V.A.

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