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Uzbekistan Swimming Championships - Closing

Uzbekistan Swimming Championships - Closing

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Uzbekistan Swimming Championships - Closing

The audience remembered this day for the spectacular wrestling and competition of our athletes. According to the competition program, athletes participated in the following distances: Men, 50m backstroke, Women 50m backstroke, Men, 100m Butterfly, Women 100m Butterfly, Men 200m Breaststroke, Men 400m complex. At the end of the preliminary swim program, a 100m butterfly time trial was held among our three swimmers to improve the result. As a result, two swimmers - Adylbek Yusupbaev - 51.71 and Eldor Usmonov - 51.83 fulfilled the A standard (51.96) of the Tokyo Olympics, Oybek Khojaev standard B (53.52) with a result of 53.44. In the evening, the finals will take place among the top eight athletes according to the results of the morning preliminary heats.

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