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Uzbekistan Swimming Championship - Day Four

Uzbekistan Swimming Championship - Day Four

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Uzbekistan Swimming Championship - Day Four

   On the fourth day of the competition, the athletes conducted swims in the following disciplines: 50m freestyle (men/women), 200m complex (men/women), 800m freestyle (husband), and 4x200 freestyle relay (men/women). It is noteworthy that the chairman of the NOC of Uzbekistan, Rustam Shoabdurakhmanov, visited the championship to personally talk with athletes and pay attention to the younger generation, noting the high goals for the upcoming Youth Asian Games-2021 in Shantou, as well as subsequent after Tokyo-2020, the Hangzhou-2022 Asian Games and Summer Olympic Games 2024.

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The results of the final heats:

Men's 50 м Freestyle

  1. Tarasenko Alexey -  (Tashkent)
  2. Yusupbaev Adilbek -  (Karakalpakstan)
  3. Abdujalilov Khojiakbar -  (RSCYSOR)

Women's 50 м Freestyle

  1. Gupta Kenisha -  (India)
  2. Kritinina Natalia -(RSCYSOR)

Women's 200 м Medley

  1. Semenova Daria - (Turkmenistan)

Men's  200 м Medley

  1. Petryakov Egor -  (RSCYSOR)
  2. Adilov Olim -  (Navoi)
  3. Buranov Salim - (Navoi)

Men's 800 м Freestyle

  1. Abduganiev Abdujalil -  (Tashkent)

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