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Uzbekistan Open Swimming Cup: Last Day

Uzbekistan Open Swimming Cup: Last Day

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Uzbekistan Open Swimming Cup: Last Day

   Today, in the republican palace of water sports, the open swimming cup of Uzbekistan has been ended. On the last day, heats were held in the following distances: the final 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m breaststroke, 400m mixed style, 4x100m combi. It is worth noting that after the morning swims, the swimmer of the Czech Republic national team (Kristyna Horska) swam a time trial*, where the athlete from the Czech Republic could not improve her previous result in the 200m combi distance - 2.13.25, but she has got another achievement. Uzbekistan Swimming Federation congratulates Kristyna Horska (Czech Republic Swimming team member) who achieved Olympic Qualification Time "A" in Final of Women 200m breaststroke - 2.25.24! 

* Time trial - official swimming competitions during cups and championships, with the only rule not to swim against other teams. The goal is for swimmers to be able to compete in swimming within their age group, trying to swim for the best possible time in each stroke or all the strokes they participate in during that time.

50m backstroke, male:
1. Franta T. (was born in 1998, Czech Republic)
2. Yusupbaev A. (was born in 2002, Republic of Karakalpakstan)
3. Kodirov M. (was born in 2003, Andijan region)

50m backstroke, female:
1. Kubova S. (was born in 1991, Czech Republic)
Rogozhnikova E. (was born in 2004, Kyrgyz Republic)
3. Kojurova Y. (was born in 1996, Navoi regional team)

100m butterfly, male:
1. Sefl J. (was born in 1990, Czech Republic)
2. Lunak S. (was born in 2002,
Czech Republic)
3. Khujaev O. (
was born in 2000, Navoi regional team)

100m butterfly, female:
1. Svecena L. (was born in 1997, Czech Republic)
2. Kolarova A. (was born in 1997, Czech Republic)
3. Jumabaeva M. (
was born in 2002, Republican specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve)

200m breastroke, male:
1. Chrapavy F. (was born in 1999, Czech Republic)
2. Zabojnik M. (
was born in 2000, Czech Republic)
 Petryashov D. (was born in 2000, Kyrgyz Republic)

200m breastrokefemale:
1. Horska K. (was born in 1997, Czech Republic)
2. Odilova S. (was born in 2005, Navoi regional team)
3. Mansurova B. (
was born in 2003, Tashkent team)

4х100m combi, male:
1. Petryakov E. (was born in 2004, Republican specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve)
2. Gemov O. (was born in 1999 Czech Republic)
Netrh V. (was born in 2002 Czech Republic)

4х100m combi, female:
1. Niyazova A. (was born in 2003, Navoi regional team)
2. Odilova S. (
was born in 2005, Navoi regional team)
3. Khaqnazarova E. (
was born in 2005, Kashkadarya regional team)

mixed 400m free style:
1. Vasilyeva A., Kojurova Y., (1996) Umurov A., Abdijalilov M. (2000) - Navoi regional team
2. Niyazova A., Jo'raqulova Z., (2003) Yusupov J., Niyatullayev Sh. (2002) - Navoi regional team
3. Nurmuradova A., Bahriddinova K., (2005) Elmurodov E., Baysaidov A (2004) - Navoi viloyati jamoasi



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