Uzbekistan Swimming Federation
Uzbekistan Swimming Federation
Non-governmental Non-profit organization
Uzbekistan Swimming Federation
Our history and achievements

In 1939, the Republican Swimming Federation was established in Uzbekistan. In the 60s of the last century in Tashkent (at the Institute of Physical Culture, in the sports society "Mehnat", which was supervised by the Army Sports Club), in Navoi and other regions, indoor and outdoor pools with water were built and commissioned. Talented young swimmers began to show themselves. Such athletes as S. Babanina, N. Ustinova, S. Iskandarova, S. Konov, S. Zabolotnov achieved success, and participated in the Olympic Games and international competitions, became famous in this sport. Currently, in the regional and district centers of the country, there are more than 200 pools. In 1992, a new swimming federation was formed, but sometime later the federation was reorganized, and 4 different water sports came under its jurisdiction.

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